"The use of solar energy has not been opened up because the oil industry does not own the sun." ~Ralph Nader
Monster Trucks

On this SUV is a yellow magnetic ribbon that states “Support Our Troops”. The ribbon is manufactured in China and profits from the sale of it don’t go to disabled veterans or the families of dead soldiers. The owner of this SUV supports the war since it is patriotic to do so. The war is largely about oil and since this SUV requires a large amount it, its owner is glad when gas prices go down. Stopped at a traffic light next to this SUV is a small electric car with a “END THE WAR! Bring Our Troops Home Now!” sticker. The driver of each car stares at the other in disgust but only one of the drivers has a valid reason to do so. When the light turns green, both cars take off, one of them emits a poisonous exhaust. If you look at the fumes closely you might see the skulls of US troops and Iraqi civilians who paid for the gas in the SUV’s tank.

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