“Human kind has to get out of violence only through nonviolence. Hatred can be overcome only by love. Counter-hatred only increases the surface as well as the depth of hatred.” ~Mohandas K. Gandhi
Mohandas K. Gandhi

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1869-1948) was born in an India under British Colonial rule. He was of an upper class family and had studied law in both India and England.

After hundreds of years of exploitation and discrimination, India was prepared for a leader that would break ties from the imperial goliath and give the country her independence, so Gandhi became the head of the Indian Campaign for Home-Rule. Mohandas saw British-produced clothing as an ominous hand that held down the Indian people, since he believed these imports stole their jobs and wealth. Thus, Gandhi began the “home-spun” movement, demanding that Indians burn their British clothes and begin to craft their own. Quite possibly the father of the Non-Violence movement, Gandhi always practiced the “turn the other cheek” ideology and sent his message through symbolism, fasting, country-wide protests, strikes, marches, and civil disobedience. The reason his great efforts were so successful was because British forces did not know how to react when their enemy would not fight back.

Physically gaunt, while inspirationally lush, Gandhi had given up all his worldly possessions (save glasses, cloth, sandals, and books) and based his existence of freeing India from Imperial rule, which finally happened in 1947. He was murdered nearly a year later by a Hindu fundamentalist.

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