Transit Antenna

Transit Antenna is a collective of artists and writers traveling North America in Walter, a bus that guzzles straight vegetable oil. By dumpster diving for grease, they’re reducing their carbon footprint and avoiding the diesel pumps. Greasers treat their designs for converting diesel engines to run on vegetable oil like military secrets. But here Transit Antenna gives away all they know in a complete schematic of what goes on in Walter’s rear end. From pumps, filters, and tanks, to temperature gauges, line-in-line hoses, and flow arrows: you won’t get this information anywhere else. Wear this shirt to prove you’re hip on environmental politics, or use it to convert your own diesel engine. Check out Transit Antenna’s website,, for videos, pictures, and writings of their travels as veggie nomad artists.

Fat American and Transit Antenna, Condemning Big Oil one T-shirt at a time. (Designed in collaboration with Transit Antenna’s Bob Snead)

All profits from the sale of this shirt go directly towards oil filters, engine repairs, project supplies, or whatever else is needed to keep the transit antenna project going.


Transit Antenna T-shirt